August 2018


Cleanliness and Hygiene Tips for Restaurants

It does not matter if your restaurant or hospitality establishment serves the most delicious food, as long as cleanliness and hygiene are not observed, you could be looking at costly headaches in the future. Imagine if a customer suffered food poisoning after sampling your food or get grossed out after visiting your bathroom. This could put a huge dent in your facility’s reputation when all of this can be avoided.

If you want to run a clean and hygienic hospitality facility where food is served, follow these tips.

Clean Everything

Every object in your establishment must be cleaned, including the walls, floors, tables, chairs, fridge, cooker and kitchen utensils. Make sure there is no single sign of dust or grease stains anywhere food is prepared or served. Dirt and grease that lingers in these environments can be a breeding ground for germs, which puts your customers at serious risk of getting sick.

Exterminate all Pests

If guests walk into your restaurant and see pests, such as flies, cockroaches and rats, they probably won’t consider eating at your restaurant. This is because these vermin only stick around in unhealthy environments, and your customers will get the message to stay away from your food and probably even warn others to do the same. If you see even a single one of these pests flying or scurrying about, get rid of them immediately by calling pest control services.

Make Sure Staff Observe Personal Hygiene

One of the biggest things you must ensure is that anyone who handles food in your establishment is clean and tidy. Get them uniforms that cover their personal clothes as well as hats to cover all their hair. If your restaurant is in a hotel, you can find uniforms for hotel staff here that you can outfit your hospitality staff with. Also, see to it that all the nails of employees are trimmed since they can also be a good environment for bacteria to grow and get into the food. All staff must also wash their hands with antibacterial soap and change their uniforms on a regular basis.

Always Keep Toilets Clean

They say a good way to tell if a restaurant prepares its food in a hygienic way is to look at their toilets. If they are clean, it means their food preparations standards are good, and if not, it is better to go somewhere else. That is why you must always keep your toilet clean – clean it every hour. Also, make sure that the sinks always have running water and antibacterial soap nearby and that the toilets aren’t clogged.

Make Sure all Staff Handling Food are Healthy

If a staff member shows up to work sick that day, send them home right away. Even better, tell them to call in sick the moment they feel like they are developing something. You don’t want to risk their germs getting into the food and making your customers ill.

If your restaurant or hospitality facility is the epitome of cleanliness and hygiene, customers will have more confidence in ordering your food. So follow the above-mentioned tips to make sure none of your guests gets food poisoning or grossed out when they come to eat at your facility.

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