January 2019


Where to Explore on Harbour Island?

This tiny sophisticated and unnoticeable island surrounded by pink beaches, verdant greenery and a reef is one of the most beautiful places in the world. This island is also known as the Nantucket of the Caribbean and the prettiest of the Out Islands due to its fine pink-sand shorelines (3 miles) and its pastel-shading clapboard houses with dormer windows, set among a white picket wall, narrow lanes, charming shops, and tropical blooms. If you’re looking for the place that keeps your dreams beautifully real, then go for Harbour Island. If you’re still not sure about this, then keep reading this blog as we have listed all the interesting places that will inspire you to visit Harbour Island in holidays.

Pink Sand Beaches: The island’s well-known pink sand beaches are among the best found anywhere in the Caribbean. The beaches are expensive and there are many chaise parlors to go around, unlike other island destinations. There are a lot of private water crafts that are accessible to charter should you want to go swimming, fishing or have a shoreline cookout on a little close-by island.

Almost all the beaches on Harbor Island are phenomenal; the sandy strands and limestone given from the nearby Eleuthera may transform your life. Take a water taxi and orchestrate a vehicle from Fine Threads to look at Surfer’s Beach, Winding Bay, and Ten Bay Beach, alongside Preacher’s Cave, The Queen’s Bath, and Glass Window Bridge. If you want to know where to explore on Harbour Island then start your holidays from pink beaches.

Loyalist Cottage: The most photographed house on the island is the pretty turquoise-and-white Loyalist Cottage, one of the first pioneers’ homes (around 1797) on Bay Street. You can’t head inside; it’s exclusive. Numerous other old houses are in the area, with gingerbread trim and picket wall. Entertaining names incorporate Beside the Point, Up Yonder, and The Royal Termite.

OceanView Club: OceanView Club or “Pip’s Place” as it’s called by local people, is a nine-room complex changed into a boutique inn on the popular Pinks Sands Beach of the Bahamas’ Harbor Island. Each room or house introduces its very own electric theme and energetically hues—think extreme mango or greenish blue. The house bar shows a statue of Louis Armstrong and offers only three seats, however, bounty to drink. The prolonged porch with whitewashed wooden furniture nearly prods the unmistakable, turquoise water, a well-known spot for wedding photographs.

  1. John’s Anglican Church: The first church worked by the Eleutheran Adventurers and the Bahamas’ most seasoned Anglican Church was built in 1768. Despite everything, it invites churchgoers after nearly 250 years. Facilities are on Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm.

Straw Crafts: A row of straw-work stands are on Bay Street beside the water, including Pat’s, Dorothy’s, and Sarah’s, the place you’ll discover straw sacks, caps, and T-shirts. Sustenance stands move conch serving of mixed greens, Kalik brew, coconut water, and natural product juices. So, after reading we hope you definitely know that where to explore on Harbour Island.

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