How to Choose the Right Menu for your Event

Whenever you plan to organize an event, the choice of venue mainly depends on the kind of food that place offers apart from décor, location and function rooms. A lot of planning and resources go in organizing an event. Food menu is one of the main factors to select for your event so that your event is successful. The guests that attend the event or a function really look forward to a mouth-watering menu and they do relish and keep remembering it for a long time.

Your menu choice should match well with the general tone of your special event. The kind of event you are hosting will determine the style of the food served and the menu. These are some styles to choose from:

  • Plated
  • Family style
  • Stations
  • Live counter
  • Buffet style
  • Cocktail
  • BBQ
  • Small bites

These are some basic and important points to keep in mind while choosing the right menu for your event:

  • Food preferences of your guests: The food which suits your own palette is perfect, but when it comes to making a menu for your catered event, you have to step back and consider it according to your guest’s choice. There are chances that some of your guests will have preferences and dietary restrictions. So you must choose accordingly.
  • Age group: Different age groups often have distinct ideas of what makes s perfect meal. For example, if there are kids at the function rooms, you should add some food items that are loved by kids. Older guests prefer classic dishes, in comparison to the younger adults who appreciate some adventurous or any innovative kind of dishes.
  • Caterer: Keeping all these factors in mind, choose the caterer that offers the perfect menu choice as per your requirements. You can take reviews from your friends, colleagues and others before booking a reputable caterer. There should be a healthy discussion between you and the caterer regarding the dishes on the menu, as you might like to do some kind of changes in the menu before the final day.
  • Tasting and budget: Plan a food tasting session with your caterer to ensure the dishes being served, have a perfect taste before anything goes wrong regarding the taste. This is how you will be able to ensure the highest quality of food within your budget. You should stick to your budget strictly, so that the caterer presents you with options which fit in your budget.

Thus, by considering these simple and important points you can choose the right menu for your event and make it memorable.

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