Something To Think About – Is The Food and Beverage Operation Being Run Correctly?

I consume food. I drink beverages.

Therefore, I’m capable of oversee a Food and Beverage operation.

In assessing the operations of numerous clubs/resorts every month, I’ve found that probably the most poorly operated, sporadic regions of club/resort operations is Food and Beverage. Particularly in member owned environments, that are frequently supervised with a club board, people appear to consider that simply because they dine out, they in some way possess some degree of expertise that enables these to make business decisions relating to this important part of the club. In fact this is among the most complex departments inside a club to handle, control, and convey a regular experience.

Let us ask a couple of questions!

Is the Food and Beverage experience suitable for what your people/visitors wish to have inside your club/resort? Are you currently priced correctly, excessive, or lacking? How can you tell? Are you currently tracking cover counts during the day? By shift? By hour?

Are the food selections stuck in yesteryear, a pleasant balance of old favorites and new selections, or edgy? Is the menu created for function or fashion? Would you improve your menu quarterly, or at best semi-yearly to help keep it fresh? Or perhaps is it altered every couple of years and be a golf club dinosaur? What exactly are your products specifications and serving sizes? Is every item in your menu costed? What’s your ultimate goal for any la carte food cost? Which are the contribution margin on every item in your menu?

How about your personal occasions. Could they be really special? Will they produce a buzz that the gym has? Could they be eagerly anticipated or even the same factor which was done the final ten years with simply the entire year altered within the e-newsletter and marketing piece touting the big event? Is the staff challenged every 3 months to test new occasions? New cost points?

Got Value?

How about useful programming? It’s happening every single day within the hospitality industry. Chili’s, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Flemings, Cody’s Roadhouse, McDonalds, Quiznos, Subway, and lots of other national franchises are positively programming to help keep people arriving. Any question the rate of success of franchises has ended 90% as the rate of success of individually owned restaurants is all about 10%?

What’s happening inside your club to produce a “WOW” for the people/visitors inside your Food and Beverage choices? Are you currently standing pat in your $32 filet and $28 ocean bass wondering your reason for doing this couple of covers? Or, are you currently trying new concepts that could provide “meal substitute” dining rather of just “special day” dining?

Simple things like Happy Hour can generate additional usage. Comfort food for example meatloaf, chicken pot cake, lasagna, or similar for” at $8 or $9 throughout the week are popular. Taco bars, pasta bars, hamburger night, half cost on bottles of house wine, Fresh Fish Fridays or perhaps a Friday Fish Fry, a Chef’s selection in a special cost on slower nights, sushi nights, appetizers in a special cost, entertainment, and lots of other concepts and occasions drive usage, provide incremental revenue, and employees working. Are you currently tinkering with new occasions inside your club/resort? Try it out. You will be amazed at the excitement it makes.

The Knowledge

How’s your dining room presented? With white-colored tablecloths? No tablecloths? Placemats? Are you currently charging appropriately for that experience you’re supplying?

How are the buffets presented? Stylishly with skirting, floral displays, and glossy silver chafing dishes? Or rudimentary with little if any frills? Will it seem sensible?

Have you got standards of operation to guarantee the food and beverage experience for the people/visitors? Is every employee putting on a clear and pressed designated uniform? What is the specific manner to provide menus, serve, food, cocktails, and wine? Are people known as by name? Are specific steps and services information in position?

Will the service staff be aware of composition of each and every item, sauce, and portion size in the menu? Is training provided a minimum of monthly? Is the staff selling suggestively?

The Technical Aspects

How frequently would you have a physical inventory? Can there be “independence” within the inventory process to make sure that the counts are accurate? Is inventory prices adjusted regularly to mirror the newest cost the club is having to pay for those inventoried products or perhaps is the price the club compensated this past year still getting used to find out inventory value?

Would you follow this mantra when receiving and inventorying products?

If you purchase it through the pound, weigh it. If you purchase it through the piece, count it. If you purchase it by ounce or length, measure it? Under no conditions, accept it blindly.

I’m surprised about how frequently deliveries are recognized and signed for without physically finding yourself in exactly the same room because the items that were delivered not to mention examining the packing slip or invoice from the goods received. Delivery people become savvy very rapidly to individuals who hold them accountable and individuals that do not. A couple of pounds of missing steak here or perhaps a couple of bottles of missing liquor there costs lots of money over an long time.

Just how much unusable meals are saved within the freezer, frequently a chef’s closest friend, and remains counted each month during inventory yet is basically worth little or free?

Exactly what does the business structure seem like inside your club’s F&B operation? How are the supervisors compensated? Could they be incented to make a specific financial result, train employees, and keep standards? Or could they be compensated only for turning up?

How’s your merchandise staff compensated? By hourly wage? Tip pool? Some mixture of both? Does your earnings structure promote tenure or turnover? How about overtime? Are you currently having to pay overtime? Legally?

Additionally to costing every item on every menu, excuses have you employed exactly the same for liquor, beer, and wine? Have you got specified pour sizes? Could they be being stuck to? Have you got pourers which permit just for the pour size that you are charging? The amount of your club’s resort’s funds are tangled up in wine inventory? Have you ever established componen stocks?

Have you got a Food and Beverage minimum? Will it seem sensible for the club? Have you got a minimum monthly fee? In the event you?

Would you offer an worker meal? How’s it taken into account? Could it be taken into account whatsoever? Would you allow employees to get rid of food/beverage in the club? (An awful idea!). Would you let your employees to eat alcohol based drinks in the finish of the shift? (A level worse idea!!).

Private Occasions

How about your Private Occasions? Is the catering menu priced right? Exactly what does priced right mean? Have you ever assessed the competitive atmosphere? What’s happening to create weddings and conferences towards the club/resort? Are you currently since the costs of establishing and breaking lower all the rooms in line with the differing requirements of each event?

Do your private event policies seem sensible? Just when was the “guarantee’ due? Just when was payment entirely needed? Are you needing a signed contract? Would you actually have a contract that you need be signed?

An Answer

Plenty of questions! Obtain a management company which will work collaboratively along with you to reply to many of these and then any others and make up a customized food and beverage experience that reflects your specific situation and offers what your people/visitors want and are prepared to purchase.

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